Rest with mates
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Autor:  Harrow33 [ środa, 27 marca 2019, 12:51 ]
Tytuł:  Rest with mates

What kind of entertainments you could advise me to spend a party with old mates?

Autor:  Stancedriver [ środa, 27 marca 2019, 12:52 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Rest with mates

Well, why shouldn`t you visit some kind of pool/bowling/e.t.c.? Last weekend I visited such a cool party with schoolmates in past. There were nice girls wich we had fun with ;) The beer pong with girls was something else what I thought about. Therefore, the mate told me about these girls

Autor:  ApexRolex [ środa, 27 marca 2019, 12:53 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Rest with mates

I agree with the words above, this kind of service really interesting in providing entertainment to real men. Try this one

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